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Disposable Wearables And Accessories
Disposable wearables like non-woven masks, bouffant caps, and hand sleeves are crucial in medical and industrial settings. Comes in white, blue, or green, they come in non-woven styles, providing breathability and comfort. While not waterproof, they offer great protection against particles. Made from materials like 100% cotton or PU film, they guarantee hygiene and safety.
Hand Gloves
Hand gloves, comprising Latex Examination Gloves, Orthopedic Gloves, and Laboratory Gloves, are vital for medical and laboratory use. They feature full-finger styles in plain patterns, available in various colors like white, blue, pink, green, or transparent. Disposable for hygiene, they offer protection against contamination, ensuring safety for both wearer and patient.

Covid Care Anti Viral
Covid Care Anti Viral products include items like Steam Vaporizer, Medical Respirometer, and Infrared Thermometer made of plastic, typically in white. Designed for hospital use, they aid in respiratory therapy, fever monitoring, and steam inhalation. Their antimicrobial properties help prevent viral spread, ensuring patient care and infection control.
First-Aid And Wound Dressing
First-Aid and Wound Dressing supplies encompass Microporous Surgical Tape, Medicated Adhesive Tape, etc., typically in roll form and white color. Stored in a cool, dark place, come in varied sizes, these cotton-based products are disposable and sterilized. They provide external wound care, ensuring hygiene, convenient application, and secure wound closure for optimal healing.

Doctors Common Examination Equipment
Common examination equipment for doctors includes Medical Stethoscopes, Weight Scales, Blood Pressure Monitors, etc., made of plastic or metal. Found in hospitals, these tools aid in diagnosing patients' conditions, assessing vital signs, and monitoring health. They offer accurate measurements, facilitating effective medical assessments and treatments across various medical specialties.
Disposable Syringes And Needles
Disposable syringes and needles, graded for medical usage, feature stainless steel needles and are designed for single use in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. They offer precise medication administration and blood sampling while reducing the chance of contamination and needlestick injuries. Their disposability enhances hygiene and safety standards in medical settings.
Medical Devices And Surgical Equipment
Medical devices and surgical equipment, comprising Silicone Nebulization Masks, Umbilical Cord Clamps, and Infusion/Transfusion Sets, are mostly utilized in hospitals. Made of selected medical grade plastic and manually powered, they facilitate varied medical procedures and treatments, guaranteeing reliability, portability, and efficiency in healthcare delivery.
Oxygen-Anasthesia And Respiration Delivery
Oxygen-Anesthesia and Respiration Delivery systems, ideal in medical industries and hospitals, encompass Oxygen Masks, Medical Reservoirs, and Manual Resuscitators. Made of selected plastic, typically in green, white, or other colors, they guarantee efficient oxygen delivery, anesthesia administration, and respiratory support, crucial in varied medical procedures and critical care scenarios.
Infusion And Transfusion Equipment
Infusion and Transfusion Equipment, like Intra Venous Infusion Sets, 3-Way Stopcocks, and High-Pressure Monitoring Lines, are important in the medical industry. Made of chosen polyvinyl chloride, these types of functional tools are single-use, disposable, and come with warranties. They facilitate precise fluid administration and pressure monitoring, guaranteeing efficient and safe patient care.
Gynaecology Accessories
Gynecology Accessories, comprising Blue Umbilical Cord Clamps, Umbilical Catheters, and Infant Mucus Extractors, are crucial gynecological instruments. Made of medical-grade plastic with a polished surface finish, they guarnatee hygiene and safety during childbirth. Disposable and single-use, they aid in safe delivery practices, reducing the chance of infection and promoting maternal and neonatal health.
Urology Accessories
Urology Accessories, encompassing Urine Bags, Urine Culture Bottles, and Urine Bed Pans, are important tools in urological procedures. Made of sterilized plastic with a polished surface finish, they guarantee hygiene. Disposable and single-use, they help in urine collection, culture, and drainage, optimizing patient care and reducing the chance of contamination.
Gastroenterology Accessories
Gastroenterology Accessories encompass Infant Feeding Tubes, Nasogastric Feeding Ryles Tubes, and Stomach Tubes, typically made from medical-grade plastic in white. Designed for single use, they facilitate enteral feeding and gastric decompression procedures. Disposable and sterile, they guarantee hygiene and minimize the chance of infection during gastrointestinal interventions, promoting patient safety and recovery.

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